Where is Lounge Lakers located?
Winnipeg, MB Canada

Who makes the clothes and where are they made?
All of our clothes are either made in our Annabella studio or in our Winnipeg factory.

Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle be modelling for Lounge Lakers anytime soon?
Currently, like all royals, Harry and Meg are not allowed to enter any commercial deals. However they've let it be known that they want to have financial independence so let's just say they haven't ruled out a modelling career with LL.

Am I really allowed to wear my Lounge Lakers at the office?
The simple answer is yes. 

What are the shipping costs?
Canada ~ $12
USA ~ $16
Rest of the World ~ varies by destination and speed but can be chosen in the checkout.

Do you ship worldwide?

Even to Mongolia?

Okay, how about to Atlantis?
We will forever ship to Atlantis.

Do you do custom orders?
It depends on fabric availability but yes. Some of our most popular colour combos have been suggested by our customers. Shoot us an email.